Unlock your potential with the skills of an intelligence professional


The ​Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway fuses all of the training courses offered by Intelligence with Steve, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge required to succeed in any role in an intelligence team. This pathway will ensure that you're an expert in intelligence analysis concepts, as well as OSINT tools, techniques, and workflows. 

You'll learn crime theory, the intelligence cycle, intelligence products, and structured analytical techniques, and you'll be provided with some Excel dashboards to aid you as an intelligence professional. You will also learn how to conduct effective, efficient, legal, and ethical OSINT research, including situational awareness and investigations into individuals and businesses.

Hi, I’m Steve Adams

An internet investigation expert helping to prepare the next generation of intelligence professionals for success.

As a criminal intelligence analyst for the police, I helped decision-makers to make informed, data-driven decisions to reduce crime. Transitioning from law enforcement to the private sector, I became a skilled internet investigator and guided the shaped the use of OSINT within the business. 

Today, I work for a market-leading OSINT technology company. I regularly lead OSINT training webinars and speak at conferences in the US and UK, where I discuss unlocking the power of intelligence analysis and OSINT.

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